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Modern Modeling:

Modeling has changed in quite a big way since 2017. These days, you do much better as an Influencer or Ambassador and get a lot more exposure, plus you are not bonded to only one agency. You work for yourself, you promote yourself and your name. Your name becomes a household name, you become well known and people look up to you.


These days, you can become popular as an influencer, and businesses will pay you or supply you with goods in order to promote them. If you are a social person, that is comfortable with yourself and likes to show off to others or give advice, this is for you! It is hard work, and you have to build yourself up correctly, but this is currently one of the best and most stable ways of income if you work for yourself.


Ambassadors are more stately towards a business and have a range of different positive ways to make money. To become an ambassador, you need to have a professional look.


Modeling work is scarcer, and everything depends on your portfolio. You can do influencer jobs while you build up your Modeling career until the right people see you. Below are the 10 main types of modeling.

1. Fashion (Editorial) Model

These models are the faces you see in high fashion magazines such as Vogue and Elle. Most Editorial models are incredibly tall, slim, and usually are the ‘complete package.’

2. Runway Model

These models are found on the catwalk and are hired to showcase a designer’s clothing line.

3. Swimsuit & Lingerie Model

These models specialize in showing off either swimsuits or lingerie.

4. Commercial Model

Commercial Models are not restricted by age, height, or size. Therefore, this modeling type is the most open to diverse and new talent.

5. Fitness Model

These models tend to be the fittest, toned, and athletically built.

6. Parts Model

Parts Models specialize in modeling their hands, arms, feet, and legs. A hand model can book a job involving jewelry, whereas a foot model can book a job with a shoe company.

7. Fit Model

A fit model is a model who works behind the scenes and helps fashion houses get the sizing and fit right before the garment is sent off to be manufactured.

8. Promotional Model

This type of model books jobs that help sell or promote a certain commodity. Promotional models are often found at trade shows and other live events.

9. Glamour Model

Glamour modeling is centered on appearance, including facial beauty and body shape. These models are usually curvier than editorial models and often book swimsuit and lingerie photoshoots. Glamour models tend to pose more suggestively than typical editorial or commercial models.

10. Print Model

Print models are often found in magazines, billboards, campaigns, booklets, flyers, and posters. These models usually have clear skin and a nice smile. While some of these models are selling a product, others are simply photographed based on the needs of the client.

(Thank you to thehhub for the explanations!)