How can I help you?

Monique Bosch Goosen – that is Me. I have been involved in Photography as the Manager and Owner of PhotoQuick Katutura and Photo Quick Caprivi Respectively, for just over 14 years. During this time, I was the main Photographer for Namibia Modeling Agency and have developed all the Films into Photos – long before digital. I was also one of the very first designers who did Photo Editing.


In recent years, I have been doing Photography on and off, keeping current. I have also assisted many other photographers in the editing of their photos – modeling, wedding, family, etc. During the last years, I have been involved as the Diversity Manager of Ultimate Models and regained my love for Modeling and Photography, but seeing that it is a New Age, I have studied in the area of Ambassador and Influencers as well and assisted the top Models of Ultimate Models in their quest to build themselves on all platforms.

The training provided is very personal, as I will be coaching in a very intense way. I will be your Business Coach, your Manager, your Image Consultant, and more while you are enrolled. I help you to become positive, to become confident. Thus limited spaces are available, and we will close entries when the spaces are filled.

My aim is to make you into the very best version of YOU by assisting you to correctly realize your niche, building your image, expanding and growing your pages and visibility in order to become an Influencer that is seen and sought after; or an Ambassador that will represent any business chosen to perfection! With the Modeling Training, you will get a Full Modeling Assessment, and be shown how to work around all attributes while emphasizing the best features. You will learn the best poses and stances for YOU. Your training is specific to YOU.

Welcome to a new emotional level, understanding, upliftment, and getting positive in a way you have not yet been before!